[Logstash 2.4.1] Emails doesn't sent directly


I am upgrade logstash from 1.5.4 to 2.4.1. I am not sure it is an new or old error.

In my output section i have email section defined. I am simluated log-Messages in a while loop.

I can see in this simulations, I don't get the newest message per mail. I get evertime the message older before.

If I am generate not a loop only one message, then I don't get any email.

It looks like logstash cached one email.

What I am doing wrong? Can I am flush the output task, to send the cached email directly?


I made a rollback to v1.5.4 and on this version get the email very fast.

On v2.4.1 get only the mail before

My test:

while true; do d="$(date +"%H:%M:%S")"; echo $d; echo '2017-06-16 '${d}',174: ERROR: Feed_mvz_xx_import_wb_oru.HL7Task_ahl7 - Multiple rows were found for one' >>/var/log/feeds/logstash_test/feed.log; sleep 70; done 14:50:39 14:51:49 14:52:59

On 14:51:39 i got the eMail from 14:50:39
On 14:52:59 I got the email from 14:51:49

I can make the sleep longer, but it doesn't change anything.

If I am stopping my while-loop, then i will get never the last email.

Any ideas?


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