Logstash 5.0.0beta1 never goes to background


I'm trying to persuade logstash 5 to run in the background but i can't do it. My start command is:

bin/logstash -f /etc/logstash/conf.d/ -l /var/log/logstash/ --log.level info -e ""

Logstash starts fine but stays in the foreground. What am i doing wrong?

thanks and cheers

How are you calling that command?

Hi Mark.

Thanks for your answer. I'm calling that command from within a init script with start-stop-daemon. Also i noted the "agent" command is gone. The logstash site still says: 3. Run bin/logstash agent -f logstash.conf.


Where is that?

A link is best :slight_smile: But I know where that is, I will have it fixed.!