Logstash 5.2 pipeline settings - path.queue

I have multiple logstashes v5.5.2 deployed on single server.
All of them are started by script; with --path.settings parameter, which points to global logstash.yml.
By global I mean that there is single logstash.yml, and all of logstashes point to it.

Now, request came for logstashes to use persistent queue, but as this is set in logstash.yml, there is problem with path.queue.
Setting it to constant value would mean, that there would be single queue shared by all logstashes, but I want to have path.queue per each logstash.

I read about overriding global settings in pipeline, in settings {} sections in there:

Has it ever been released ?
Does something like this work with build 5.5.2 ?
Is it possible to configure persistent queue settings "somewhat/somewhere else" instead of logstash.yml ?

Thanks for any response :slight_smile:

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