Persistent queue not creating any file inside the configured directory

Hi All,

I have configured persistent queue in logstash.yml but after restarting logstash i am not able to see any file which logstash usually create.

please find my configuration below:

queue.type: persisted
path.queue: C:\SIEM\PQ
queue.page_capacity: 64mb
queue.max_events: 0
queue.max_bytes: 1024mb

i have verified logstash logs as well but there are no logs related to PQ.

Any help would be appreciated.

Have you tried using forward slashes for the path?

In the YAML language, backslashes have special meaning (they begin an "escape" sequence, mening that the next character is to be treated differently than normal) and to be interpreted literally they need to be prefixed by another backslash. While C:\\SIEM\\PQ will likely do what you want here, I find the POSIX-style path C:/SIEM/PQ easier to read.

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