Logstash 5.5 dynamic columns detection


Hi there,

The auto detection of the columns name in the version 5.5 is a great idea. However, I have some issues to use it. In fact, I have tried the following :
filter {

if [type] =~ "trade_v7" {
	csv {
		separator => "	"
		autodetect_column_names => true

	grok {
		patterns_dir => ["C:/HOMEWARE/_ELK/local_ELK_5.5/logstash/patterns"]
		match => { "source" => "%{MAIN_PATH}//%{DATA:AnalysisType}//%{GREEDYDATA:SubAnalysisName}/_Trade%{GREEDYDATA:myProduct}.txt" }


When I launch Logstash, it starts properly but it does not insert the datas in ES.

(Magnus B├Ąck) #2

Is it even reading the input file? What does your complete configuration look like? Have you looked in the Logstash log file for clues?

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