Logstash 5.5 dynamic columns detection

Hi there,

The auto detection of the columns name in the version 5.5 is a great idea. However, I have some issues to use it. In fact, I have tried the following :
filter {

if [type] =~ "trade_v7" {
	csv {
		separator => "	"
		autodetect_column_names => true

	grok {
		patterns_dir => ["C:/HOMEWARE/_ELK/local_ELK_5.5/logstash/patterns"]
		match => { "source" => "%{MAIN_PATH}//%{DATA:AnalysisType}//%{GREEDYDATA:SubAnalysisName}/_Trade%{GREEDYDATA:myProduct}.txt" }


When I launch Logstash, it starts properly but it does not insert the datas in ES.

Is it even reading the input file? What does your complete configuration look like? Have you looked in the Logstash log file for clues?

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