Logstash-5.6.2-1 logstash.service failed to load: No such file or directory

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Hi , I have installed Logstash-5.6.2-1 through yum repo.. on centOS 7.
it installed successfully. however I am unable to start the service.

sudo systemctl start logstash. it gives following error.

Failed to start logstash.service: Unit logstash.service failed to load: No such file or directory.

request help suggestions..

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can't see any file named 'Logstash.service' in path '/etc/systemd/system' can some one check and see if installation creates 'Logstash.service' file for you.

if yes, can some one share its configuration?

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Resolved :slight_smile: >>>the issue was with JAVA...
JAVA_HOME was pointing to user/JDK-1.8.0 because java was configured manually through .TAR file.
& While installation logstash look for java in usr/bin/java.
reinstalled java through yum and then logstash solved the problem.

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