Logstash 6.2.3 filter/mutate/spit quandry

So, I'm scratching my head here. After exhaustive Googling I just don't know why this apparently simple function isn't working for me. Here is the filter/mutate code.

  mutate  {
      add_field    => {"temp" => "poc-pymsa-exceptions-log"}
      split        => {"temp" => "-"}

Using the output ruby codec, I get the following value for temp:

"temp" => "poc-pymsa-exceptions-log",

According to the 6.2 documentation, the "temp" field should be converted to an array : ['poc', 'pymsa', 'exceptions', 'log'] AND I should be able to access the array elements [temp][0] or [temp][2].

But its just not working. Any help is most appreciated

Dave Howell

This is because LS only executes the add_field, remove_field, add_tag and remove_tag operations as the last thing a filter does to a given event. That is, the filters primary operations occur before the add|remove_field|tag operations (internally we call them decorations).

The reasoning here is that many filters have a conditional execution of decorations such that fields tags are only manipulated on successful execution of the filters main operation. Think grok, date, dissect, kv etc. However, as mutate is a multifunctional filter, there is no notion of overall success and so it executes the decorate functions unconditionally, but at the end.

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Guy, Indeed that was it. Thanks for pointing that out. I have adjusted. Regards.

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