Unable to get new field with mutate filter

i split my array temp as below

if [temp] {
split {
field => "[temp]"

i get different fields, one of the is : temp.isup_isup_message_type

Then i want to add a new field based on values in this field : temp.isup_isup_message_type

if [temp.isup_isup_message_type] == "65" {
mutate {
add_field => { "test" => "APM" }

I dont get any syntax error but the field "test" is not getting created.

What am i doing wrong?

Can you share an example of your message?

Also, you are not referring to nested fields in the correct way.

If you have a field named temp with a nested field named isup_isup_message_type, in logstash you need to use [temp][isup_isup_message_type] in your conditional.

I have just taken the part from the output to show you:

 "timestamp" => "1640072854196",
      "temp" => [

    [1] {
              "isup_isup_message_type" => "65",

i tried with [temp][isup_isup_message_type] but not working

In that case [temp] is an array, so you would need to use


(I assume you removed the [0] entry from the rubydebug output...

Yes i removed [0].
And thanks it worked with [temp][1][isup_isup_message_type]

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