Logstash 7.2.0 not starting windows

Why does it point to /usr/local/meven on windows ?? Anyway I can point it to my windows profile .m2 repo ?

    [ERROR] 2019-07-19 16:36:10.698 [main] Logstash - java.lang.IllegalStateException: Logstash stopped processing because of an error: (GemspecError)
    [!] There was an error while loading `logstash-core-plugin-api.gemspec`:

            you might need to reinstall the gem which depends on the missing jar or in case there is Jars.lock then resolve the jars with `lock_jars` command

    no such file to load -- /usr/local/maven/.m2/org/yaml/snakeyaml/1.23/snakeyaml-1.23 (LoadError). Bundler cannot continue.


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