LogStash not working on Windows

I just download logstash-7.15.1 and unzip it.
I run

./bin/logstash -f logstash-simple.conf

but got errors like this

[FATAL] 2021-11-02 14:21:27.366 [main] Logstash - Logstash stopped processing because of an error: (GemspecError)
[!] There was an error while loading `logstash-core-plugin-api.gemspec`:

        you might need to reinstall the gem which depends on the missing jar or in case there is Jars.lock then resolve the jars with `lock_jars` command

no such file to load -- /opt/maven/repository_sop/org/yaml/snakeyaml/1.26/snakeyaml-1.26 (LoadError). Bundler cannot continue.

 #  from D:/WorkSpace/ELKStack/logstash-7.15.1/logstash-core-plugin-api/logstash-core-plugin-api.gemspec:23

Why does the maven repo point to an nonexistent directory like /opt/xxxx ? How can I configure it as my own local maven repo directory.

Thanks for your help!

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