Logstash 8.4.2 Extremely High CPU Loading

My Logstash loading has been about avg. ~10% loading for couple months. Without any change on grokking and configuration, even event/s is about the same rate, just upgrading my Logstash to v8.4.2 causing CPU loading jumped to 90% up constantly.

I have tried to adjust the JVM heap size to be about 65% of the available memory on the server, but it doesn't help. Checked CPU usage per thread with top -h, those input threads are what's causing such high usage instead of those GC threads.

Anyone is experience the same thing?

Upgraded from which version?

Do you have anything in Logstash logs?

From 8.2.2 to 8.4.2.

I don't see any warning nor anything abnormal in Logstash logs. Restarted multiple times.

Found couple warnings saying:
Received an event that has a different character encoding than you configured. .......... :expected_charset=>"UTF-8""

Not sure if the above is related.

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