Logstash cpu usage is very high

Logstash CPU usage is up to 90% and assuming this would increase with data growth.
From the Application side seems everything fine. How to solve this issue in my project?

Hello and welcome,

You need to provide more context, what are the specs for your logstash server? How many CPU and RAM?

What are your inputs? Please share your logstash configuration.

Passing Current time in Logstash input plugin 'exec' for executing API in curl - #4 by Badger you help me on this

I have to instance of RAM with 16GB each and each instance assigned two CPU.

Total 32K data EC processed during this 30min interval.
I have compared data/Volume and CPU use on two different environments and noticed on impacted env cpu spike is high on both the nodes while on another cpu spike is high on only one node.
In logstash configuration what exactly you need, pls confirm?

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