Logstash agent and rsync

I am trying to use logstash to index a set of log files from our
webservers. The log files that I can access are stored on a network
attached storage system which are copied over from the webservers using

Logstash agent ends up throwing this error:

{:timestamp=>"2015-02-18T13:10:45.190000-0500", :message=>"A plugin had an
unrecoverable error. Will restart this plugin.\n Plugin:
path=>["/nas/logs/04.log", "/nas/logs/05.log"],
start_position=>"end", sincedb_path=>"/nas/logs/sincedb/since">\n
Error: Unknown error - Stale NFS file handle", :level=>:error}

We have many servers each with their own log, so was hoping not to have to
install logstash on every webserver individually to follow the live logs.

Is there any solution getting logstash agent and rsync working together?


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