Logstash and drop filter for Windows event

Hello, I'm trying to drop events using the following filter but its not working:

if [event_id] == 4658 and [event_data.ProcessName] == "C:\Windows\System32\CpqMgmt\cqmghost/cqmghost.exe" {
drop {}

I've tried using double slashes '\' and using forward slashes in the path but the event is till appearing in the index - can anyone tell me where I'm going wrong?


Two potential problems:

Hello, event_id is a number type in my index so when I've dropped other events for example [event_id] == "1234" did not work, I had to remove the quotes before it would drop the events.

I've managed to drop the event just by using event ID and computer name, I didn't know about nested fields though, thanks for the info.

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