Problems with Drop Filter in Logstash

Hey guys,
I am a total amateur with logstash and I try to build something small, I think. I am currently using winlogbeat to get windows events, but I want to customize the filter a bit.

The goal of my filter is that I want to drop all logs with level "information", except logs with the log_name: "Dhcp-Server" or winlog.event_id "4740".

Win Event "4740" accurs if a user is locking himself, 10 times wrong password.

Small Information: I am using a german windows server dc, and because of that the log_level is "informationen" its the same value I see in Kibana.

filter {
  if "active directory" in [tags] {
    if [log][level] == "informationen" and [log_name] != "Dhcp-Server" or [winlog][event_id] != "4740"{
      drop { }
    mutate {
      remove_field => [ "host"]

But it never get the 4740 messages to appear in kibana, so I assume that something is wrong there. It seems that the "drop" drops all events with log.level informations and doesnt care the rest in the if statement.

Best regards,

My guess is that the order of precedence of and/or is not what you are assuming. You should add parentheses to make the order explicit.

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