Logstash architecture

hi admin
I want to ask, Logstash architecture is similar to ELK architecture???

I m not admin, but this is a forum and think should not ping admin. There are here only to administrate forum, is not a support platform.
Anyway ... can you tell us what u would like to know. What u mean with logstash architechture and how to compare it with ELK (Elastic, logstash, Kibana).


Hi Pts0, Thanks for answering
I read James Turnbull's book The logstash book
And I see the logstash architecture as follows:

The architecture of the above logstash is true or false

How can I tell you if is true or false for an architechture ... What u are posting there is a possible setup / architecture for the elastic stack.
Logstash or beat can be used as shipper, broker/indexer/search storage may be elasticsearch and web interface ist the windows to you data, Kibana.
You may tell us what is the use case u trying to solve and we can help you (and maybe logstash forum is not the right place to post).

PS: i didn't read the James Turnbull book, maybe i m totally wrong.

i'm writing about logstash for my essay and i have shown the architecture of logstash including the above components. And my teacher says it's not the Logstash architecture. the logstash architecture only includes input filter and output

So I want to ask again about the architecture of logstash :frowning:

This is the architecture of a complete system including several components. Logstash is typically used as an indexer, but can also be used as a shipper. Search storage refers to Elasticsearch while the Web interface generally is Kibana.

Have you read this description of how Logstash works? This blog post also talks about the evolution of Logstash and will give you insights into the architecture.

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Hi Christian_Dahlqvist
Logstash has a log management function?

I do not understand your question. Please read the introduction to Logstash and have a look at how it fits in within an ingestion pipeline.

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