Logstash callback


I am using UDP input plugin to listen data . Now i want to send acknowledgment to remote end point from which i have received data on upd port.

How can i achieve this using logstash?

There's no support for this. Perhaps you should be using TCP instead?

Thanks for reply.

is sending ack possible using TCP plugin??

Acks are built into TCP. What are you trying to do here? Paint us the bigger picture.

I want to get logs from device on UDP or TCP port in logstash which i have achieved using UDP input plugin.
Once log is received device needs ack for log received . so i want to send ack to device from Logstash once log is received.

Which protocols do the device in question support? Plain UDP has no acknowledgement support and TCP has acks built into it. You can certainly build protocols on top of UDP and TCP that add acknowledgements but then we're not talking about plain UDP and TCP anymore.

device supports UDP and tcp protocols

can you please share some reference example for TCP sending ack .

We're talking in circles and it doesn't seem like you're understanding what I'm telling you. I don't think I can explain things in any other way.

TCP has acknowledgement mechanism built into the protocol itself. Look at the following link for a comparison between TCP and UDP.

Yes we have build in protocols on top of UDP and TCP at device side.
device sends data in byte stream as below


and we need to send response to data received as below


If you have that type of custom logic, I believe you will need to create a custom input plugin.