Logstash cannot find logstash.yml directory


I am running ELK stack in debian 10. I removed logstash with apt command and removed /etc/logstash , /var/lib/logstash directories.

Now I am trying to install logstash again, but it does not install all confugration file with it. Capture_logstash

so now the Logstash directory has only (conf.d). what should I do??

Thanks in advance!

Please don't post pictures of text, they are difficult to read, impossible to search and replicate (if it's code), and some people may not be even able to see them :slight_smile:

Sorry about that, the picture shows that (Can't read //logstah.yml: not such file or directory).

Can you please post the entire thing as formatted code.

I have fixed the problem, I deployed another Debian 10 machine in VirtualBox then install ELK stack there, Then copy default configuration files of Logstash to my current machine.
Not an efficient way, but it works.

Thank you though.

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