Logstash CLOSE_WAIT and Filbe beat I/0 timeout

In Filebeat logs I am seeing Filebeat I/O timeout with logstash tcp connection going infinite CLOSE_WAIT. until logstash stops processing. Dont see anything in logstashlogs.

Logstash and filebeat both are 5.4 version. Not sure what is causing the issue. It was all fine until yesterday.

Logstash completely stops processing log messages.

Is there any setting in Logstash beats inputs to close CLOSE_WAIT connections ?

it worked well for year. I did not change any logstash and filebeat configuration. Not sure why I am hitting issue.
I am using logstash-input-beats (3.1.12).
I also see below

Not sure if I should pull those files and see.

One of the ES index was in red state. Fixing ES index resolved close_wait issue on logstash and I/O timeout on filebeat.

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