Logstash disconnects beat after 15 seconds

I am using filebeat and a custom beat based 5.0.1 and logstash with logstash-input-beat (v3.1.8).

Filebeat is working fine. But I am seeing following issues with my custom beat

2016-11-25T11:06:21Z ERR Sync. Failed to publish events caused by: EOF
2016-11-25T11:06:21Z INFO Error publishing events (retrying): EOF

Noticed that logstash is closing TCP connection after 15seconds of TCP transaction from the client.

Increasing "client_inactivity_timeout" does not help and looks like logstash-input-beats picking only 15 seconds default value. My custom beat will push data only in the interval of 1 min or more.

Is it expected or it is an issue with logstash/logstash-input-beat ?.

Let me know the fix / workaround if any. Also let me know if I have to make any changes to logstash/logstash-input-beat w.r.to my custom beat.

Note - My custom beat is working fine with elasticsearch output. It is working fine with logstash v2.2

it seems to be bug in logstash as It should honor "client_inactivity_timeout" and avoid termination of tcp connection with client.

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