Errors in filebeat i/o timeout, reconnecting

Hi, from time to time I see periodic errors in filebeat logs:

2020-07-06T09:00:12.479-0500 ERROR logstash/sync.go:96 error closing connection to logstash host test-logstash:5044: write tcp> i/o timeout, reconnecting...

I use 7.6.0 version of logstash and filebeat? What could be the root of issue here?

Logstash is disconnecting as Filebeat is being inactive. Have you tried setting client_inactivity_timeout in Logstash?


no - to what value should I set it?

You should set it to a higher interval than your Filebeat is being inactive for. E.g if your Filebeat is not sending logs for 5 minutes, set it for e.g. 6 minutes.

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