Logstash-codec-cloudtrail support for 5.x?

I'd like to be able to get my cloudtrail logs into ES via Logstash. It seems like this was fixed by the following pull request: https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-codec-cloudtrail/pull/11

But trying to install the plugin fails with:

Bundler could not find compatible versions for gem "logstash":

In Gemfile:
logstash-codec-cloudtrail (>= 0) java depends on
logstash (< 2.0.0, >= 1.4.0) java
Could not find gem 'logstash (< 2.0.0, >= 1.4.0) java', which is required by gem 'logstash-codec-cloudtrail (>= 0) java', in any of the sources.

Any hints on how to be able to get it to install?

It looks like the cloudtrail plugin isn't compatible with Logstash 5.

The pull request I linked to says it was updated to support 5.0.

Ah, right. The problem seems to be that there hasn't been a release that included that PR:

Ah, thanks. That makes sense.

New release is out and working. Thanks!

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