Logstash conditional elasticsearch output plugin depends on success of S3 output plugin

Hi All,
In my Logstash configuration, I have 2 output plugins, one is S3 and another is Elasticsearch.
My goal is to send logs to S3 and update the same logs with "uploadStatus = finished", everything works fine until I have a network issue, and S3 plugin did not send logs successfully, but Elasticsearch plugin updated logs as successful.
May I somehow run the Elasticsearch output plugin only when the S3 output plugin succeeded uploading?

I must say that with the Amazon_es output plugin there is the exact behavior I want to achieve (if amazon_es plugin fails, elasticsearch plugin not executed ) .

output { 
    stdout { codec  => rubydebug { metadata => true	} }
           access_key_id => "${Logstash__AwsAccessKey}"
		   secret_access_key => "${Logstash__AwsSecretKey}"
           region => "${Logstash__AwsRegion}"
           bucket => "${Logstash__AwsS3TargetBucket}"   
           size_file => "${Logstash__AwsS3Size_File}"
           time_file => "${Logstash__AwsS3Time_File}" 
           codec => "json_lines"
           prefix => "${Logstash__AwsS3Prefix}/${Logstash__Device_Id}/%{[@metadata][_index]}"
           validate_credentials_on_root_bucket => "${Logstash__AwsValidate_Credentials_On_Root_Bucket}"
           proxy_uri => "${Logstash__Http_Proxy}"
           retry_count => 0
           retry_delay => 0
           upload_queue_size => 1

     elasticsearch {
                  hosts => "${Logstash__SourceEs_Url}" 
                  index => "%{[@metadata][_index]}"
                  document_id => "%{[@metadata][_id]}"
                  action => "update"
                  script => "ctx._source.uploadStatus = 'finished'"


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