Logstash configuration

Hello All,

I am using a docker image of sebp/elk. I have setup an EC2 Ubuntu machine. This is a vanilla installation.

I have a rails app on another server. I want to push logs from rails to logstash. I am not sure where to make this configuration. I created a new config file which looks like this

input {
    udp {
		type => "rails logs udp"
        port => 5228
        # start_position => "beginning"
        # sincedb_path => "/dev/null"
        codec =>   json {
            target => "[document]"

output {
	stdout {
    	codec => rubydebug
    elasticsearch {
			hosts => "http://localhost:9200"
			index => "development_log"

Can you please help me out. BTW I do get curl response for 5601 and webpage of kibana on 9200 port.

My app is using gem logstashlogger via which I am trying to send the data (tcp).

It's that, I want to hook up my app with this ELK stack .


Hi, @themainguru Welcome to the community!

Well since you are using sebp/elk docker image perhaps look at their referenced documents here and here

BTW I notice here you said TCP and in your config you have UDP...

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