Logstash consuming too many resources

Logstash is consuming a lot of memory and there are many hanging processes redirecting output to temporary files that seem to be no longer available.

Example of one process:

root  Ss   May01   0:00 sh -c /sbin/blkid >>/tmp/vindexing_c2c3dca7-ea7a-4ccc-af59-80babb9bcfaf/temp_56cd7019-6643-4444-b19a-4f0dd4b301d3/blkid.txt

Anyone can help me on reducing the consuming of resources or to understand from where this processes are coming from?
Logstash version 7.9.2

What makes you think that that process has anything to do with logstash?

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The fact that Logstash is consuming a lot of resources is sure...the fact that this processes have something to do with Logstash is my thought

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