Logstash date filter can not convert certain range of unix time

I have met some date filter problem, when tried to convert my unix time to seconds.
As my picture, when I input "2903299199" , I except the result is "2061-12-31T23:59:59+00:00 in ISO 8601, however it returned failure.
After trying several times, I guess logstash might have some bug to convert unix time.

Could someone fix the bug ?

I think that is an open issue -- anything after 2038 fails.

Thank you for your information ,
Here is my logstash config
> if([expires_at]){
> ruby {
> code => "event.set('expires_at', event.get('expires_at').to_i * 1000) "
> }
> }
> date{
> match => [ "expires_at","UNIX_MS" ]
> target => "expire_at"
> }
Finally I resolve this by convert the unix time from seconds to micro sseconds

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