Logstash date filter not replacing @timestamp field

Hi all,
Please assist, as I'm already becoming desperate.
I'm unable to replace the @timestamp field with the actual log time.
I've tried all kinds of help from the internet but no luck.
This is my logstash filter date config:
date {
match => [ "logtime", "ISO8601"]
timezone => "UTC"
target => "@timestamp"
add_tag => [ "timestamp_match" ]
This is an example of grok filter:
grok {
match => [
"message", "%{TIMESTAMP_ISO8601:logtime} [PID %{NUMBER:pid}]\t[%{WORD:levelname}]\t[%{GREEDYDATA:content}"

This is the debug:
[2017-02-17T18:00:29,327][DEBUG][logstash.pipeline ] output received {"event"=>{"offset"=>4760815, "input_type"=>"log", "pid"=>"17206", "source"=>"/etc/qa/log/qamt1-all.log", "message"=>"2017-02-17 18:00:21,341 [PID 17206]\t[INFO]\t[test]\tmiddleware.py:11\ttenant.middleware: handling request for tenant test", "type"=>"django", "content"=>"handling request for tenant test", "tags"=>["beats_input_codec_plain_applied", "qa_server", "dashboards"], "@timestamp"=>2017-02-17T18:00:24.311Z, "filename"=>"middleware.py", "lineno"=>"11", "@version"=>"1", "beat"=>{"hostname"=>"test.net", "name"=>"test.net", "version"=>"5.1.2"}, "host"=>"test.net", "name"=>"tenant.middleware", "levelname"=>"INFO", "logtime"=>"2017-02-17 18:00:21,341", "tenant"=>"test"}}

in the kibana I see both @timestamp and logtime fields, which are not identical. Differences are in milliseconds, but it is very hard to read with millions of logs per minute.

I appreciate all the help I can get!!
Thank you!

Try escaping the characters in grok pattern. Change
[ TO \[
\t TO \\t

Try this for debugging. http://grokdebug.herokuapp.com/

Since filters are processed in order the date filter that parses the logtime field needs to come after the grok filter that creates the logtime field.

Thanks Magnus,
That was the problem.

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