Logstash date filter parsing year that is greater than 4 digits

With a logstash filter like this:
date {
match => [ "logdate", "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss" ]

and the value of logdate being 12019-06-17 15:09:16

I would expect the date filter to fail the match, as there are 5 digits. But logstash date filter is accepting and creating a timestamp like this:

"@timestamp" => 12019-06-17T15:09:16.000Z,

It seems to accept any number of digits in the year (1...n) where I checked upto 7 digits.

I feel this is a bug, since the format provided is specifically 4 digits ("yyyy" or "YYYY").

How do we ensure that the date is validated to be valid date by logstash date filter match? where it should not match those invalid dates.

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