Logstash Dissect Filter

I have Logstash Kibana and Elasticsearch versions 5.6.2 installed on Windows 2012 R2. I have a grok pattern that reads in text file entries adequately. The end of each entry is a message field containing a couple different formats; sometimes an IP adress, sometimes 2 IP addresses and different messages attached. What I need is to pull only the entries that have an outside IP address and I need to pull that IP address and put it in a field and use it as the source for geoIP. I was thinking of using the dissect filter in an if statement to weed out the entries that do not have an outside IP address. I don't know if I can/how to use the dissect filter on literal message text (unstructured) to pull just one IP address (sometimes there are 2 IP addresses).

Some example messages (parsed in to a greedydata field using a grok filter):

UDP request discarded from to outside:
Built dynamic UDP translation from COVERT: to outside:
Teardown UDP connection 560221 for outside: to COVERT: duration 0:00:00 bytes 200
Built local-host outside:

Thanks in advance!

Why not use a grok filter?

grok {
  match => ["message", "\boutside:%{IP:ip}\b"]
  tag_on_failure => []
if [ip] {
  geoip {

Would this be a grok within my first grok? And what would go in the if statement?

I got it, thank you!

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