Logstash Does not extract timestamp from JSON

Hi Folks,

Logstash noob here. I am trying to put some JSON data but logstash is not setting my log data timestamp to @timestamp field. It continues to use the time when the data is read into logstash.

Here's the log data
{ "event_ts": "2016-Jun-07 20:13:51", "property": "propname", "aftype": "unicast" }

Below are is my conf file:

input {

filter {
date {
match => [ "event_ts", "YYYY-MM-dd HH:mm:ss,SSS Z"]

output {
stdout {
codec => rubydebug

{"event_ts": "2016-Jun-07 20:13:51.987", "property": "numRoutes", "aftype": "ipv4-ucast"}
"message" => "{"event_ts": "2016-Jun-07 20:13:51.987", "property": "numRoutes", "aftype": "ipv4-ucast"}",
"@version" => "1",
"@timestamp" => "2016-06-08T04:06:45.565Z",
"host" => "skaliann-ucs-e1"

@timestamp field is not the UTC equivalent of event_ts.

What am I doing wrong here? Please help.

As far as I can see (without having had time to test anything) there are a couple of issues. Firstly you have not used a json codec or filter to parse the JSON coming in, which means that the event_ts field has not been extracted and does not exist. In addition to this I don't think your date pattern in the date filter matches what you actually are passing in as you 1) have a three letter month instead of 2 digits, 2) there is a period instead of a comma before the milliseconds and 3) you are not supplying a time zone.

In my filter I use this :

date {
  match => ["myTimestamp", "yyyy-MM-dd-HH.mm.ss.SSSSSS"]
  target => "@timestamp"

I think you need to set the target attribute.

I think you need to set the target attribute.

Only if the target field is something other than @timestamp.

I am also a newbie and I am trying to setup filebeat->logstash->elasticsearch chain and I am having problems with @timestamp which is not being transferred from the logfile and a timestamp when the message arrives into logstash is used instead. I will describe it on the example below. I hope somebody will help me understanding this problem and correcting it.

Logfile has this format:

filebeat.prospectors: - input_type: log paths: - /tmp/json.log output.logstash: hosts: ["localhost:5043"]

logstash pipeline conf:
input { beats { port => "5043" codec => json type => "log4j-json" } } output { stdout { codec => rubydebug } }

This is the logstash's output: (notice the @timestamp is different than one in the log entry)
{ "source_host" => "apphost01", "@timestamp" => 2017-02-15T14:47:57.593Z, "application" => "MyTestApp", "offset" => 118, "@version" => "1", "input_type" => "log", "beat" => { "hostname" => "tpl450", "name" => "tpl450", "version" => "5.2.1" }, "host" => "tpl450", "source" => "/tmp/json.log", "message" => "Hello_World", "type" => "log", "tags" => [ [0] "beats_input_codec_json_applied" ] }

@sagittarius, please start your own topic for your problem.