Logstash doesn't Import CSV columns correctly

I am importing some IP data stored in CSV into ELK using Logstash. When I view the data in Kibana however the columns are all over the place and they are formatted fine in the CSV?

Kibana Screenshot


Does ELK struggle with Blank cells or special charters???

Logstash Config:

else if [path] == "C:/ProgramData/FDA/output/processed/OSINT.csv"{
	csv {
        separator => ","
        columns => ["city", "region_code", "os", "ip", "isp", "area_code","dma_code", "last_update", "country_code3", "country_name", "hostnames", "postal_code", "longitude", "country_code", "ip_str", "latitude", "org"]

CSV data

Any Ideas?

You left out "tags" in your columns option for the csv filter.

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Thanks again @Badger Can't believe i miss this.....

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