Logstash - elastic Search connection refused

I have 2 servers from the same domain where I have installed Elasticsearch 7.1.0 in one and Logstash 7.1.0 in another.
I am trying to fetch data from DB(same as Logstash server) and push the data to my ES server.
When i try to execute logstash -f sql.conf,
I get the following error: Connection refused.

when I telnet with port 9200 from Logstash server, it says Connection refused to port 9200.

Kindly help me.

Elasticsearch by deafult binds to localhost. Did you change this to an IP accessible from the Logstash server (or to bind to all interfaces)?

I've marked it to the exact IP address of ES server in this case. I can try and check.
Also, is it necessary that I need to manually open ports 9200? @Christian_Dahlqvist

Port 9200 must be open.

@Christian_Dahlqvist, when i make any change in the network host, the service is not running and stops after a few seconds. i tried both IP and Only with default network host it is running. Any idea where im going wrong?

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