Logstash elasticsearch filter and array of string substitution

I'm using the logstash elasticsearch filter to make a terms query where i need to substitute an array on the selected query_template.

The query template is as follows:

  "size": 5,
  "query": {
    "bool": {"filter": [
      {"range": { "@timestamp": { "gte": "now-1w/d", "lte": "now/d"}}},
      {"terms": {
        "product": ["%{[product_list]}"]

Where product list is a variable with a list of string that must be expanded to acomplish the query dsl format.

Well the query dosen't work.

I have already try indicating the postion on the array and works perfectly:

"product": ["%{[product_list][0]}"]


"product": ["%{[product_list][1]}"]


But i need to expand the array to pass the list of string to do the terms query.

One of the posible workarounds consist of usege of a previous mutate filter usage:

mutate { join => {"ip_list" => '","'} }

This separetes the strings of the array on the correct way for include in the json query.
But it's interesting find a cleaner solution.

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