Logstash Elasticsearch output configuration

(Nicolas Guyomar) #1

Hi everyone,

I've just upgraded from logstash 1.4.2 to 1.5.2.
Everything works fine using "node" protocol to send messages to elasticsearch using bulk API
I have no iptables on my elasticsearch.
MulticastDiscovery is disable on my elasticsearch instance, that's why I'm setting the host parameter as stated in the documentation

I do not understand the following error message, as I think I should see my elasticsearch hostname between the error bracket

{:timestamp=>"2015-07-08T09:31:09.364000+0200", :message=>"Got error to send bulk of actions: None of the configured nodes are available: []", :level=>:error}

Here is my output configuration

output {
        elasticsearch {
                host => ["lberbela01"]
                cluster => "lbelasticsearchcluster"
                manage_template => false
                protocol => "transport"

I need to use transport protocol because I'm planning to install shield

Thanks for any help

(Nicolas Guyomar) #2

Please consider this problem solved, our elasticsearch team upgraded to elasticsearch 1.6 and we missed some configuration

Everything is back to normal

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