Logstash Elasticsearch output configuration

Hi everyone,

I've just upgraded from logstash 1.4.2 to 1.5.2.
Everything works fine using "node" protocol to send messages to elasticsearch using bulk API
I have no iptables on my elasticsearch.
MulticastDiscovery is disable on my elasticsearch instance, that's why I'm setting the host parameter as stated in the documentation

I do not understand the following error message, as I think I should see my elasticsearch hostname between the error bracket

{:timestamp=>"2015-07-08T09:31:09.364000+0200", :message=>"Got error to send bulk of actions: None of the configured nodes are available: []", :level=>:error}

Here is my output configuration

output {
        elasticsearch {
                host => ["lberbela01"]
                cluster => "lbelasticsearchcluster"
                manage_template => false
                protocol => "transport"

I need to use transport protocol because I'm planning to install shield

Thanks for any help

Please consider this problem solved, our elasticsearch team upgraded to elasticsearch 1.6 and we missed some configuration

Everything is back to normal