Logstash elasticsearch output plugin upsert without document_id

Hi, I want to upsert bunch of records to elasticsearch using logstash elasticsearch output plugin. But I can't use the document_id for this purpose as I want to use _update_by_query option.
Eg: my document id is created using "%{my_id_1}xx%{my_id_2}".
ie. 1xx1, 1xx2, 1xx3, 2xx1, 2xx2 ...

But when updating the records I want to update all the records with the my_id_1.
ie. 1xx1, 1xx2 and 1xx3.

So is there a possibility to update the records using a wild card ( "%{my_id_1}xx*" ) or is there a possibility to update the documents without using the document_id but the my_id_1 as a where clause for the update query

Thanks in advance.

No, as far as I know that is not supported by the Elasticsearch output plugin. You may need a custom script or plugin for that.

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