Logstash-Elasticsearch Output Using Templates

I have been wondering something about the "template" and "template_overwrite" option in the elasticsearch output plugin for logstash. Because this is part of the output configuration, it should be invoked for every single record that passes through that output block. Does this mean logstash makes a "PUT" api call with the same template for every single record that passes through it?? Because in high-throughput pipelines, even if the template never changed, wouldn't this increase the load on the cluster??

If it does not do that, when DOES it run that template "PUT" operation, because it must have to do that periodically in order to be sure that the template remains up to date.


Templates are only installed when Logstash starts up.

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Oh so if I change a template file referenced in a logstash- elasticsearch output, I still need to restart logstash to see the template change reflected in elasticsearch?

Yes. See also https://github.com/logstash-plugins/logstash-output-elasticsearch/issues/380.

I prefer managing the templates outside of Logstash.

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