Logstash email output plugin issue

Getting below error while using email output plugin

[ERROR][logstash.outputs.email ] Something happen while delivering an email {:exception=>#<Errno::ECONNREFUSED: Connection refused - Connection refused>}

Kindly help here.

What does your email output configuration look like?

email {
to => 'reciever@xyz.com'
from => 'sender@xyz.com'
address => "smtp.office365.com"
codec => "plain"
via => "smtp"
contenttype => "text/html; charset=UTF-8"
username => 'sender@xyz.com'
password => 'mypass'
subject => 'test email'
body => "%{message}"
port => 587
use_tls => true

So are you able to connect to smtp.office365.com:587 outside of Logstash?

Hi @magnusbaeck,

Yes, i'm able to send mail from email-output plugin now after adding authentication=> "login" parameter and installing telnet on my machine.

Thanks for your help here.

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