Logstash erroring with exception

←[33mCircuitBreaker::rescuing exceptions {:name=>"Beats input", :exception=>LogS
tash::Inputs::Beats::InsertingToQueueTakeTooLong, :level=>:warn}←[0m
←[33mBeats input: The circuit breaker has detected a slowdown or stall in the pi
peline, the input is closing the current connection and rejecting new connection
until the pipeline recover. {:exception=>LogStash::Inputs::BeatsSupport::Circui
tBreaker::HalfOpenBreaker, :level=>:warn}←[0m
←[31mconnect timed out {:class=>"Manticore::ConnectTimeout", :level=>:error}←[0m

Looks like it might be an Elasticsearch connection issue, but you're only showing a tiny part of the log so it's hard to tell.

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