Logstash Exception in posting data to Azure Loganalytics

Hi All,

I've a server on which Logstash is installed and sending logs to Azure Sentinel.
It works just fine but lately any other week I'd see the below entry in the logstash-plain.log file and it seems that the connection is lost for some brief moments.

[2022-01-05T05:46:14,928][ERROR][logstash.outputs.azureloganalytics][main] Exception in posting data to Azure Loganalytics. [Exception: 'Timed out connecting to server]'

I mean, its self-explanatory that the plugin lost connection to Sentinel but this was not the case before. And I was wondering if this merely has to do with net connection or Logstash might be complaining about something?

Actually when I checked it seems its loosing connection every day

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