Logstash failed to open file

Hi i have a simple problem.
Logstash 5.0 can't open my log file. It simply say:

[2016-11-04T16:11:39,838][WARN ][logstash.inputs.file ] failed to open /logs/icp2/localhost_access_log.2016-10-31.txt: \logs\icp2\localhost_access_log.2016-10-31.txt

It does correctly find the file destination but can not open it. In debug log it says java NoSuchFileException even it sets and finds the file correctly.

config looks like this
file {
type => "lfaccesslog"
path => "/logs//localhost_access_log."
start_position => "beginning"

any sugestions?

Have you tried > localhost_access_log.*.txt ?