Logstash fails to restart after the queue size is full

Hi Team,

We have enabled persistent queue on our logstash servers.

queue.path is /var/lib/logstash

The logstash queue was full and I had restarted logstash service. Logstash fails to restart with exception "Logstash failed to create queue at org.logstash.ackedqueue.Queue.ensureDiskAvailable(Queue.java:811) ~[logstash-core.jar:?]"

The disk space for the queue directory is 60GB and I tried changed the queue.max_bytes to 40GB. Even then logstash fails to restart with the same exception. Why does the service fail to restart even after increasing the queue size?

I have also checked the inode usage. The inode usage is low and so this is not causing the issue.

We don't want to delete the queue. Please propose if there's an alternate solution ?

Hi Team,

Please let us know if there is any solution. We are stuck in this.

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