Logstash file shutdown

Logstash file is not starting getting this error please help

The first [FATAL] error line in your logs says that there is another instance of Logstash already running. You must stop it before starting logstash again.

i have restart my pc but problem is still the same

@Syed.Ubaid - Did you configure Logstash to run as a Windows Service? If so you will need to stop the respective service before you can run Logstash from the command line.

ok let me check i will revert you back soon

i have restart the service and try to run still the error is same i stop the service of logstash and trying to run but the problem still remains the same

@Syed.Ubaid Did you check if the Logstash Windows service is configured to restart automatically? If so, may be it is best to disable the service for the time being and you shoud be able to run Logstash from the command line.

now i am stopping this service and trying to run will let you know the result

i have stop this service and trying to run still same error

@Syed.Ubaid In a command prompt (run as administrator), could you run the following command?

wmic process where "name='java.exe'" get ProcessID, Commandline /format:list

Attach the results here. Thank you.

@Syed.Ubaid Thanks for the screenshots. There are 2 Logstash instances running from the command line:

  • Process ID: 5472
  • Process ID: 8564

Please check your command line prompts and stop the second Logstash instance. You can also consider using the Task Manager to kill the process directly - up to you :wink:

Thank you.

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