Logstash-Filebeat-circuit breaker detection error

Hi ,
We are facing below error for one of our data ingestion using logstash and filebeat. we are getting this issue only when we do thread dumps and we are using multi line filter.
Below is the error. can any one provide inputs.

{:timestamp=>"2016-10-09T07:29:02.966000-0700", :message=>"Beats input: The circuit breaker has detected a slowdown or stall in the pipeline, the input is closing the current connection and rejecting new connection until the pipeline recover.", :exception=>LogStash::Inputs::BeatsSupport::CircuitBreaker::HalfOpenBreaker , :level=>:warn}

Since the JVM is briefly stopped while the thread dump data is being collected it shouldn't be terribly surprising that something like this happens.

In general, the message means that the input rate is too high compared to the output rate. Speed up the outputs or the filters or slow down the input.