Logstash filter for muliple values not working

Hi All,

I am trying to remove message for few service tags, but I am facing below issue.

Below is not working

if [SERVICE] in ["GET", "UPDATE"] {
mutate { remove_field => ["message"]  }

Below is working

if  "GET" not in [SERVICE] and "UPDATE" not in [SERVICE]{
mutate { remove_field => ["message"]  }

Can someone please suggest what is wrong with the one which is not working

The first is an array membership test. It is equivalent to

if [SERVICE] == "GET" or [SERVICE] == "UPDATE" { ...

The second does substring matches. If "GET" appears anywhere in the [SERVICE] field then "GET" not in [SERVICE] is false. In other words it is

if [SERVICE] !~ /GET/ and [SERVICE] !~ /UPDATE/ { ...

which is very different to the first.

Hi @Badger ,

Thanks for your reply, yes service name is exact GET and UPDATE only. I missed not in the first statement while posting this question.

For any other service message should be removed , right ? but it is not getting removed this way.

if [SERVICE] not in ["GET", "UPDATE"] {
mutate { remove_field => ["message"]  }

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