Logstash-filter-rest throws client_error

Hi ,
I installed the logstash-filter-rest plugin and tried to run this config:
logstash --debug --path.data=/tmp/mahsa-test -e 'input { stdin {} } filter { rest { request => { url =>
"http://www.google.se/" } target => 'rest' json => false }} output {stdout { codec => rubydebug }}'

and I get this
Http error received {:code=>nil, :body=>nil, :client_error=>#<Manticore::SocketException: Network is unreachable
(connect failed)>}

but when I do this curl command curl http://www.google.se I recieve the good response.
any idea why I am getting this error?

ok I find out I can use proxy inside the request. it is fixed now.

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