Logstash filter verifier - daemon mode in Docker

Hi everyone,

I use this great project from Magnus Bäck GitHub - magnusbaeck/logstash-filter-verifier to validate my Logstash filters in a Gitlab CI.

It runs the version 1.6.3 in a Docker container to validate filters for multiples pipelines.

I am wondering if there is any chance to make it works using the daemon mode GitHub - magnusbaeck/logstash-filter-verifier

I am especially interested in the pipeline configuration feature.

Because, at the moment, i have about 15 pipelines, each having their own grok filters that resides each in their own .conf file in a config directory i am mapping into the Docker container.

Seems like all of them are considered for every JSON test file i defined in my tests directory.

Does anyone know how to map a given pipeline to a JSON test file ?

Thank you in advance

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