Logstash-forwarder Debian repository?

Hi all,

I have one simple question: is the logstash-forwarder Debian repository useable or not? I read a lot of discussions about this topic but they are all several months old. I also miss some final statement from Elastic about this.
So it would be good to have a clear statement about this somewhere.

I have setup Logstash (and Elasticseach, Kibana) using Lumberjack as an input resource.
Now I want to distribute the logstash-forwarder via Puppet on several hosts. At the moment we have a copy of the logstash-forwarder Debian package on our own repository server to achieve this. We are ok with that but still the question remains if and how the logstash-forwarder repository works or not.
Currently when I try to use the Debian repository mentioned in various discussions (like in Availability of logstash-forwarder debian packages) I get a GPG key error even when I import the correct Elastic IP...

Thx in advance,

It works.

What is the error you are getting?

Hm interestingly this works now for me, too.

Two weeks ago I tested it on two different servers and I got an GPG error message when installing the package from deb http://packages.elasticsearch.org/logstashforwarder/debian stable main

I tested this again on four different machines and now everything seems to be working. Really strange but I must have done something wrong two weeks ago.