Logstash GeoIP database support

Hi, I wanna buy a commercial IP2location database from IP2Location .
I know I can use .bin file in logstash in GeoIP as a source database.
In my scenario, I need to import this .bin or .csv database into mysql or postgres so my application can use it too and be able to even add some records in it.
Can I use this mysql database (imported from .bin or .csv) as a Geoip databse source in logstash ?
I mean instead of database => "/etc/logstash/conf.d/IP2location.bin" , I be able to use some thing like jdbc inside geoip section. Is this possible ?
thanx a lot

I don’t know if that’s supported. but if you have the geo information inside a database, you could write a ruby script using ruby filter, taking the ip address field as input, query your mysql database, and return the geo information. you can then map the output to geo fields.

No. The code reads a file.

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