Logstash having problem with elasticsearch filter


In the logstash pipeline I am querying the same index to get some data from the previous day

The code looks like this:

    elasticsearch {
    	hosts => [""]
    	index => "index"
    	query => "country_region:%{[country_region]}"
    	enable_sort => true
    	sort => "@timestamp:desc"
    	result_size => 1
    	fields => [{"sold" => "sold_yesterday"},{"viewed" => "viewed_yesterday"}]

However in the logs I can see the following:

[2020-03-19T05:12:44,531][WARN ][logstash.filters.elasticsearch][main] Failed to query elasticsearch for previous event {:index=>"index", :error=>"undefined method `start_with?' for {\"sold\"=>\"sold_yesterday\"}:Hash"}

What I am doing wrong?

I realize that fields is documented as taking an array, and code itself requires that, but normal usage is to pass a hash and rely on the automatic conversion of the hash to an array. This is actually pretty common in logstash. Does it work better if you try

fields => {
    "sold" => "sold_yesterday"
    "viewed" => "viewed_yesterday"
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Any idea how to set the field type? They are numbers but I can see them set as string while I need to do some math functions and I cannot do them unless they are int type:

If you are referring to the fields that the elasticsearch filter adds then try mutate+convert.

I remembered in meantime about the mutate-> convert. I was hoping that there is a way to directly map the field type directly from the elasticsearch filter. Thanks anyways

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