Logstash http_poller input / http filter design question

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I am starting to pull in AppDynamics metric information into our Elastic stack for persistence purposes.

I have 5 metrics from each of 13 servers that I need to capture and my design in my Stage environment is that I have 2 config files - one for each metric I want to capture so what I am doing is making a call to the AppDynamics OAUTH API with the http_poller to get a token that I then pass to the http filter to use to make the metric call.

This is fine for 2 metrics on one server but what I am looking at in my production environment would be 65 separate logstash.conf files one for each metric REST API call to AppDynamics. So my question is this - is there a more efficient way to accomplish this? Something similar to having one http_poller file that would be able to send the token to the metric url's stored in another file as a hash (or something similar)?


Absolutely! Logstash can do pipeline to pipeline communication where you can gather the tokens in one pipeline and then pass that information to the next pipeline for your API's.
It's going to be a bit of work but it will probably work quite well.

Read this whole article:

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